With our roots in rural Northern BC, we have built and grown West Horizon Contracting from the ground up. A leading land development and maintenance service company locally owned and operate throughout British Columbia.

  • Road and Bridge Construction
  • Road & Bridge Maintenance
  • Land Development
  • Fencing
  • Brushing
  • Snow Services
  • Fencing

    Looking for privacy, security or range control, we’ve got the know-how to suggest the best fencing for you. A complete line of options ranging from stone fencing to barb wire, to wood fences.

    Our per metre pricing is competitive, with our years of fencing experience. We have the right tools and are efficient for our Northern BC clients.

    With our roots in rural Northern BC, we are experienced in large and small agricultural fencing projects. We are fence maintenance and fence construction experts.

    Contact us for your barbwire, chainlink, game, stone or wood fence today.

    2943 Highway 16, Smithers BC